Venture Carpets inc.  is proud to be the main supplier of Multy Home for their Machine Washable Mats.

Through Multy Home, our products can be found in major retail stores both in Canada and USA, among them Canadian Tire, Costco, Walmart …

With its two manufacturing plants located in Saint-Georges, Venture Carpets inc. can provide a wide variety of products and colors.

Thanks to our ability to extrude our own yarn and to our diversified range of tufting machines to react quickly to our customer’s unique requests.

Thanks also to our finishing line which allows us to apply a natural rubber based backing that is mildew resistant and anti-skid, making our mats machine washable and one of the best mats available in the marketplace.

Venture Carpets inc. has the ability to customize its products to fit with the design requirements of decorative and fashion trends.

  • Our passion is to create and manufacture carpets, rugs and fibers tailored to the needs of our customers.

    Venture Carpets